Making the most of our initial FREE consultation

We want to make sure our services match your needs; therefore, we always offer a free initial consultation.  We have done this countless times and have found it works best if you come prepared.  Please follow the steps below and we look forward to investing some time in your business.



You may find you have several areas of your business you would like to discuss.  However, we suggest you focus on the greatest need.  Take the "desert island" approach. Aka... if you could take one issue with you to the island to be solved what would it be?



Preparing a one page outline of the problem helps both you and us.  It will allow you to focus on the key issues with which you need help and it provides us with something we can have moving forward in case our pens run out of ink!


Call or Email

Contact Brent at 512-695-2718 or email to schedule a meeting. If you are local we will do our best to meet in person; otherwise, we will set up an online meeting.

Our main services

Wesbite Development

Affordable custom solutions to your website needs using the latest technologies.

Small Business Consulting

Leverage our experience in start-up and small business growth .

Business Plan

Business plans are not what most small businesses need.  What they need are cash flow analysis..

Technology Insights

We understand the complexities associated with technology in today's business including mobile offices, phones, database maintenance, IT vendor support, etc

Internal Workflow Strategies

Allow us to assist you with leveraging existing technology to streamline your current workflow processes

Sales & Marketing Support

Products and services don't sell themselves and there is no silver bullet but we have a proven track record in sales and marketing strategy.

Why choose us

Learn from our mistakes

We freely admit we have made mistakes through the years.  It is our ability to learn from these mistakes which we like to share with others.  We have been blessed to play a role in over twenty-five start-ups ranging from online informational service companies to brick and mortar hobby and vapor stores.  Our experience is diverse and time tested having started our first business endeavor over 25 yeas ago.

We have a diversity of skills to offer

  • Brent Golemon - JD
  • Philip Battelstein - CPA
  • Brad Triem - CIO / Database Architect
  • Sharad Goel - Project Management
  • Erika McDonald - Project Management
  • Grant Golemon - Project Management

We are nicer than the guys on Shark Tank

We look at your business as though it was one of our own.  We will bring value or we will not take your money.  No long term contracts or commitments.  Our job is to help you grow your business.... it is that simple.