Dallas based Interlegis, Inc enters marketing alliance with KGB Consultants

AUSTIN, TEXAS (March 22, 2005) – KGB Consultants and Interlegis, Inc announced today a strategic alliance whereby KGB will assist Interlegis with the expansion of its legal document management services.

Dallas-based InterLegis Inc. (www.interlegis.com) recently introduced Digital Document DNA for document search and management. The software analyzes relationships between every word, phrase, page and document in the case database on a binary level. It studies the digital makeup of the file, and can find similar or duplicate documents, using key concepts, mentions and selected text. It also can analyze visual page layout and formatting.

"This technology is by far the most powerful on the market and we look forward to assisting with its deployment in firms across the U.S." stated Brent Golemon, President of KGB Consultants. "It is our goal to assist with making Interlegis a household name in the legal community and to drive sales."

The software notifies users of potentially relevant documents. It offers customized keyword notifications, improved auto-dating, "Smart-Coding," unlimited search filters, intuitive navigation, faster query results, customized views, online tutorials, advanced collaboration tools and more.

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